6 comments on “Our awareness of SMA began in August

  1. Tony you and Kristin are just a ONE OF A KIND parent to Jadon. You make each and every day special for him. I am sure you feel blessed to take care of such a sweet little boy and love him like you do. We ask Gods blessing on you and Kristin each day. We think and pray each day for both of you. Love to you, Kristin, and Jadon

  2. Your story could be ours. I hate that. But, I love, love, love that Jadon is 26-months old today. And, in my mind, he is fighting for Andy and the angels before him. He is proving all of the doctors, who took our hope, wrong. He may not have strong muscles, but he has an invincible heart. And so do his parents!

  3. Tony, you and Kristen always amaze me. One day I know you will write a book that will be a best seller, you are a gifted writer. Your love for Jadon is an amazing thing. I love my children, but the love you have is truly remarkable. God bless you and Kristen and the special little guy you love so much. He too is amazing. It is my honor to know you and Kristen!

  4. You guys are amazing,and I’m so proud of the bug! I have a picture of Jadon in my locker and have gotten a lot of comments. So there are a lot of middle school kids out there praying for Jadon and for a cure.
    Lots of love from Colorado! Love, Danika

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