7 comments on “A Lesson in the Woodshop

    • Ayanna,

      I have been meaning to send you something welcoming you. I have only seen pictures of you but hope to meet you some day soon. You are a great addition to an already completely amazing family. We LOVE those Citos

  1. I enjoyed reading this a lot. What a great metaphor for really any obstacle in life. I’ll be honest, you had me at WWI Museum, I am that nerdy. But seriously anything that might be overlooked by another is a complete treasure to others. I love BUG’s face adoring the awesome box. Thank you for the perspective.

  2. You are amazing. this is a great perspective. I too really enjoyed this. Your blog makes me so happy, i love hearing about Jadon and your fun experiences. i’m praying for you guys. 🙂
    Sending lots of love from Colorado

    • Danika,
      Thank you so much for keeping up with the BUG. It really means a lot to us. It also means so much to us that you are blogging about SMA. You are such a good writer and have such an amazing heart. I have tried to set it up to get notifications of your blog posts but it hasn’t worked. Please let me know when you post and I will put it on our page. Thanks again and much love. BUG Hugs all around!!!

  3. That box certainly does have character, and a history, and a loving creator. Thank you for going with “PLAN B” (also known as “dancing in the rain.”) And thank you for posting the story and the pictures. Both the box and your family are beautiful.

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