8 comments on ““Dance In the Rain”

  1. You don’t know me, but I go to the Gardner campus of Indian Creek. I have been praying for you all for several years (I am on the prayer team and receive requests by email), and will be sure to pray next Tuesday. May God bless you all.

  2. We have you guys in our constant thoughts and prayers. Bug you are a warrior and sometimes even the strongest warriors need a little more armor for battle. We love you so much and we love your amazing parents that continue to inspire us as SMA parents as well. Please keep everyone updated with time willing. We look forward to seeing that beautiful bug face and “rock on” attitude..

  3. I Love you guys and I wish nothing LESS than the very best outcome for Jadon, you guys are in my prayers. Stay Blessed.

  4. Dancing in the storms is exactly what it is and you do it well. We love you guys and know that Jadon will do GREAT during his surgery!! Mom and Dad will have the toughest part but hang in there, it will be ok!!! Call if you need anything! Hugs!

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