5 comments on “Stupid Elf Made Me Cry

  1. Touched my heart!
    You and yours are such an inspiration! I am constantly amazed at the creativity with which you approach life! Your love and care of Jadon is a demonstration of unconditional sacrificial love so much like the love of Jesus!

    I read a quote the other day that I didn’t like at first but it is the truth. It stated that it is possible for pain and joy to coexist. As a matter of fact they almost MIUST or one of them would be diminished! So much of life is full of pain.

    I am reminded of Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s quote:
    Parting is all we know of heaven
    And all we need of hell.

    You are a display of God’s glory, believing Him through the pain!

    Love and prayers,

  2. Jadon I have been following your family since you were born. My daughter Jan works with your mother. I love receiving the blogs, they make me cry sometimes and then laugh. You made me remember when we did the elf for our grandson and he is now 23, I am sending this to him(he is in the army) and he will see how happy you were with the elf also. I know we will see you with the same guy next year. Love and Prayers to your family.
    Ginny Snyder

  3. Such a beautiful story…thank you for sharing. Our family is fortunate to have you, Jadon, and your family to guide us as we begin this new journey with our Kaden.

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