3 comments on “Don’t Call Me a Redneck

  1. So glad he’s doing awesome! All praise and glory to God. Yep! Don’t take those lights down for nothing and nobody. Leave ’em on and burning brightly for all to see.

  2. Gosh Tony, you just made my waterfall turn on…you guys are awesome. Christmas lights aren”t just for Christmas there also for joy. The joy that comes at Christmas can”t be taken away even if it is February. We can celebrate the birth of our savior any day of the year. & along with the most miraculous birthday is the end of his story. its all about the cross. its all about the sacrifice that He made for all of us.
    Even in the simplest little things comes an overwhelming flashback to what Jesus did for us. And Christmas lights on Jadon’s tree is the most magnificent way to keep that in our minds.
    Keep ’em up Tony…a burn them with no regrets.
    Lots of love (& big bug hugs)

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