5 comments on “Heading to Disney World

  1. We are just so excited for you. Charlie’s MAW trip to GKTW and Disney truly was a once in a lifetime wondrous, incredible, unexplainable experience. We can’t wait to see all your photos and hear all about the adventures!

    Much love from the Sykora Clan

  2. I. Have. Goosies. So many memories to be made on this trip. Soak them in, savor them up, and let go of the fear…at least for bit. God knew the perfect time was now. Prayers starting now that you would feel His hand in all of this, from beginning to end.

  3. HAVE FUN BURKS FAMILY!! MAW is amazing and can’t think of anyone (family) that deserves this more then you guys!!! Cherish every moment – as you will be so amazed!!!! ENJOY!!

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