3 comments on “The SMA Rollercoaster!!!

  1. It’s a love-hate relationship we have with those rollercoasters! Reading and studying James lately has only affirmed that for me! The plunge to the depths is breathtaking! Maybe it is the thrill of the plunge that increases the ecstasy and anticipation in the climbs to the summits! I don’t know.
    I hate that you suffered such a scare but love that you experience the joy of every moment with Jadon!
    I am headed to Roseburg Oregon to share with the Christian Women’s Connection State Convention on Wednesday morning with Ruthie. But will return on Sunday, March 18th. Gary will be out of town but can I come over for some Jadon time on Monday night, March 19th? I have been meaning to call you for two weeks!
    Love and prayers,

  2. Praising God and thanking Him for blessing each of you with more precious moments together! I am so sorry that episode happened, but there are a couple of things I know for sure. God had a very special and loving daddy there in place for such a time as that. He prepared and equipped you for that moment. The Burks family knows how to “LIVE” and you live life to the fullest and in abundance. God loves this family and we do, too.

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